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Sethoo Gh, The Hip-Hop Genius Lost His Dad

The year 2020 has been portrayed as a noteworthy year because of the negative effect of the Novel Coronavirus that tormented the whole landmass, asserting large number of lives around the world.

In spite of accepting consolatory from their fellows and the overall population, the demise of a parent doesn’t come simple, as it can negatively affect one’s career henceforth the great book says: “Cheer with the individuals who celebrate; grieve with the individuals who grieve.”

It was twofold the agony thus some sensational and celebrated Ghanaian artistes including Obour,Dee Money,Quamina Mp,Kelvyn Boy and eventually, the international hip-hop artist and songswriter, Sethoo Gh also lost his dad on the 30th of December 2020.

Incredibly reports hitting the bars and reaching the worldwide media is that, the global hip-hop whiz and songswriter “Sethoo Gh” who picked up notoriety with genuinely American hip-hop genre over the years with the effect of his momentous collections including the come back and the no pain no gain album with millions of streams and downloads particularly in UK, Africa and across the globe has lost his biological father “Mr. Rockson Kwabena Owusu on the 30th of December 2020.

Mr.Rockson Kwabena Owusu.

Mr. Rockson Kwabena Owusu died calmly at a nursing home after a short ailment as uncovered by the worldwide songsunit media in an exclusive interview with the uncle of the hip-hop artist and songswriter “Sethoo Gh” on the 30th of December 2020. Sethoo Gh was the last born of the family of six by Mr. Rockson Kwabena Owusu and Mrs. Sarkodie Margaret.

Mr.Rockson Kwabena Owusu was a Risk and Strategic Consultant who’s effect has overwhelmingly and fundamentally improved countless associations and collaborated foundations worldwide by the arrangement of huge informations, examinations and related administrations in the field of global legislative issues and financial aspects, with the point of giving a tremendous comprehension of the dangers and openings confronting current organizations, governments and different gatherings respectively.He was a leading member of the Randy Blues Strategic Consult in South Africa during the 1990s.

Sethoo Gh has impacted essentially to the African and worldwide music industry as a Songswriter with astounding lyrical concepts to multitudinous artists including, the legendary and the infant musicians globally. Sethoo Gh is remarked by the IK Entertainment-UK as an influential hip-hop genius and songswriter in the year 2019.

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