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COALITION OF NABCO TRAINEES APPEAL TO GOVT. TO FULFILL HIS PROMISES Media engagement with Nana Tekyi who is the Public Relation Officer PRO for the Coalition, entreats government to honor his promise of retaining NABCO trainees permanently in their various institutions since the expiration date for the contract is next month October.

Speaking to the media, the young Social Activist Nana Tekyi,who is the PRO for the association said, NABCO trainees are indebtedly grateful to Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo led government for the unprecedented launch of the Nation Builders Corps (NABCO) which to him has been a blessing unto the victims of the saturated graduates unemployment by accessing and extracting the practicality of corporate fields to augment their employability.

“We were promised by his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo prior to 2020 general elections after official petition was submitted to the office of the president by the Coalition. The promise by the government led to the introduction of Career Pathway Transition Process(CPTP) which was in three categories, optioned to offer Trainees sustainable jobs ” He added.

Nana Tekyi accented that, NABCO trainees have worked sacrificially , relentlessly and assiduously and for that matter they are abreast with the practicality of the job field, they have acquired the needed experience, skills that qualified them to be integrated into the permanent mainstream instead of retrograding them back to their unemployed state in October next month. ” This is my simple juxtaposition,applicants of security services are recruited permanently after six months maximum training, NABCO trainees have gone through university for four years,had their mandatory national service and enrolled in the NABCO scheme for three years, don’t you think these sacrifices alone should lure the government to honor his promise by retaining us permanently?”. Nana Tekyi questions the media.

“It will be an unwise/ inexpedient for the government to recruit new batch into the NABCO scheme without providing the already existed beneficiaries on the scheme sustainable jobs. The general public will only endorse the NABCO initiative if the first batch are maintained as regular staff”. He hinted.

According to statistics by the president, about 73000 beneficiaries acted on the CPTP hoping to get sustainable livelihood, imagine what will be the adverse effects if these huge number of graduates are asked to go home at the end of the program in October next month. It will be a threat to national development.

The PRO of the Coalition finally urges the CSO’s, the corporate institutions, the general public and the media fraternity to add voice to Trainees appeal for permanence since any attempt by the government to renege on its promises will be apparent Achilles heel and insignificant impact on its touted effort by the NABCO scheme to alleviating graduate unemployment situation in Ghana.

The PRO for the Coalition can be contacted on 0550497042

NB: At the moment, Nabco Trainees have not been paid their minute stipends for four (4) months now. That is November, December, 2021 and January, February, 2022. Your Excellency, this is not a drill, it is happening beneath your feet. The hopeless youths of this country who have sacrificed to work for this great nation are starving. All sort of suicidal mission is running through their head. Most of them are living in rented rooms. Today is 16TH MARCH, 2022.

Ever since we started working as Nabco Trainees, the government keep bringing in new recruits while we remain at post as Trainees. We even have same or better qualification than such new recruits with on the job experience but the government fails to consider us. What crime have we committed as Nabco Trainees. Tells us, Your Excellency

It is about time our leaders stop giving the youths of this country more reason to die than to live. They will surely indulge in activities without caring about their lives as future leaders.

Kakra bɛka w’ani if you sit down unconcern about alarming rate of graduate unemployment.


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